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Hairdressers, Cafe Owners, Pub and Restaurant Managers – This Is For You

Each and everyone of us has experienced unique struggles during this global pandemic, but small businesses have been hit particularly hard.


Getting the country moving again after months of lockdown can only happen if we have an environment that is safe. Businesses in particular will benefit from the unique, certified disinfection qualities of VIRUSEND™.



VIRUSEND™ is designed to reach complex areas with ease, completely wetting surfaces and ingress points no matter the angle. Our unique formula will kill Covid-19 in 1 minute and can be used to disinfect communal surfaces helping to prevent secondary contamination.



Many disinfectants on the market make claims to kill viruses but few manage to achieve the internationally recognised British and European Standard BSEN: 16777. Some even claim they kill viruses because they meet BSEN:14776 however in and of itself this test is not a valid test for surface disinfection. Any manufacturer of a surface disinfectant must comply with both BSEN:14776 and BSEN:16777 to make a valid claim against viruses. If products are used that don’t meet the standards it exposes employers to the potential for legal actions and prosecution. [More info here]



Companies in the UK have a vicarious liability to protect their staff and customers under the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 legislation.



If you want to make your work environment safer, contact us today to discuss which Virusend products would work best for you.








Small business using virusend to disinfect boxes
HAIR salon scaled
VIRUSEND Disinfecting in Pub

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