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Teachers, Heads of Schools, Governors  – This is for you

Keeping schools, colleges and universities open absolutely vital for children and the economy. Children must have a consistently safe place to learn and play and teachers must feel confident that they are protecting themselves and their students as best possible.

While facemarks go a long way in helping to reduce transmissions in and around your educational establishment and washing your hands is a great thing to do, you can’t wash your hands very five minutes.  Coronavirus can last on surfaces for upto 28 days according to the Australia’s national science agency (see link).  You need a disinfectant spray that is both powerful and fast to kill the virus.  

Virusend is here to help.

Already distributed to many schools across the UK, Virusend is being used to disinfect surfaces quickly and efficiently. If used according to usage instructions, VIRUSEND™ is safe around children. There is a lock specifically designed to stop young children from using the spray.

Virusend has been designed to be used on a regular basis. Classrooms and lecture theatres can be sprayed in-between change overs, staff rooms can be sprayed continuously through out the day and students can even carry their own Virusend bottle around campus.



Virusend offers a simple solution to the quick disinfection of surfaces and ensures a very low risk to human health.



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