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“I know they say it’s safer to go out and about now but I still feel vulnerable.”  If you are feeling like this it’s understandable.  While facemarks go a long way in helping to reduce transmissions and washing your hands is a great thing to do, you can’t wash your hands very five minutes.  Coronavirus can last on surfaces for upto 28 days according to the Australia’s national science agency (see link).  You need a disinfectant spray that is both powerful and fast to kill the virus.

VIRUSEND™ Multi-surface disinfectant spray kills all bacteria and all variants (inc. Indian variant) of the Covid-19 virus in 60 seconds.  It’s 10x’s more powerful than brands such as Dettol and CIF and unto 15x’s faster acting. When you are out and about Virusend offers you a level of protection unavailable from any other disinfectant spray. Our family of products include regular 365ml size, refill canisters and a handy 75ml travel size.  Virusend meets all British and European standards including BSEN:16777.

I just ordered more VIRUSEND™, enough for the family at Christmas. There will only be three of us, but with an elderly Aunt I’m not taking any chances…

MaryAnne – December 20, 2020

It’s really great to see this product on the market and helping keep people safe. Well done.

Gordon – December 18, 2020

#Virusend – a very original approach to killing #COVID19

Brock – December 17, 2020

My Virusend spray from @Lakeland is on it’s way! Never been so happy to get a cleaning product.

May, Jan 02, 2021

It’s easy to protect yourself, your staff, your customers and your business with VIRUSEND

MaryAnne – December 20, 2020

Great product! Really easy to use and gives me peace of mind!

Ross – December 21, 2020

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