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Care Homes and hospitals are vital for the health of all of us. Unfortunately these environments are hot spots for transmission of viruses and bacteria. It is particularly important now, during this pandemic, that we protect the elderly and vulnerable from Coronavirus and other such diseases.

Virusend offers a quick, simple solution to disinfecting surfaces. Wheelchairs, gourneys and other complex objects can be difficult to sanitise properly. Virusend solves this problem by completkey wetting surfaces and ingress points no matter the angle. It’s even safe enough to use on food preparation surfaces, just leave for 1 minute to kill the Coronavirus and simply wipe off with a damp cloth.

Virusend gets to work in just 6o seconds and significantly improves turnaround time between patients. Faster turnarounds mean more patients can be seen. This is great news for hospitals and other health care environments!

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