Leeds Hospital Rollout

Virusend teamed up with Leeds Hospital at the end of 2020 and distributed 2000 bottles to our front line heroes. These bottles were sent out as part of a study to assess the ease of use and feasibility specific in healthcare environments

Virusend gets to work in just 6o seconds and significantly improves turnaround time. Faster turnarounds mean more patients can be seen. This is great news for hospitals and other health care environments! Leeds hospital is already seeing the benefits of our ‘Covid Germ zapper’

Porters were left out of the programme so we developed travel size for them to be able to disinfect wheelchairs and door handles whilst transporting patients around the hospital. The travel size bottle (75ml) is smaller than the average smart phone and can easily be placed in pockets or bags.

Medical devices testing and evaluation centre (MD-TEC) quoted that “study participants found Virusend easy to use and were enthusiastic about the product and its functionality.”

In general, “the participants had a positive attitude towards Virusend” and it is clear from Twitter that Leeds hospital is excited about Virusend.

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