Using Virusend

Removing and replacing the trigger

  1. Ensure the trigger is locked by twisting the latch to the centre.
  2. Remove the trigger by applying upward pressure to the back of the trigger with your thumb. The trigger will pop off ready for reuse.
  3. Remove the orange cap from the new VIRUSEND cannister by pinching and pulling. This will leave the valve exposed.
  4. Place the back end of the trigger onto the edge of the valve.
  5. Line up the trigger handle with the black mark on the valve.
  6. Use both thumbs to press down until the trigger is clicked into place.

Virusend - Instructions


VIRUSEND™ delivers a continuous spray and works in any orientation, even upside down!

  • Twist white catch under trigger 90° to unlock
  • Spray a continuous mist on all surfaces to be disinfected, ensuring full coverage
  • Leave 60 seconds for disinfection to work
  • Leave to dry OR wipe off as required. For food preparation surfaces wipe off
  • Safe to use on all surfaces. (avoid unsealed wood and electrical components)


Our patented trigger is designed for a lifetime of reuse. It can be removed and placed on a new VIRUSEND canister an infinite number of times. If it breaks, we will replace it for free!

Lifetime warranty – Registering your trigger

Virusend comes with a lifetime warranty.  Should your trigger fail for any reason, we will replace it free of charge! Register by scanning the QR code on your bottle of VIRUSEND. Alternatively, click below.

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