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VIRUSEND™ is the world’s first and only disinfectant available to consumers that is a full spectrum bactericide and proven to kill the human strain, SARS-CoV-2 Coronavirus (Covid-19 virus) to the stringent BSEN:16777 standard.

VIRUSEND™ Multi Surface Disinfectant Spray is a breakthrough innovation designed to protect individuals from the threat of Coronavirus.

Developed in conjunction with the British Army, VIRUSEND™ combines military expertise and a scientifically advanced formulation to support key workers, businesses and the public on the front line of this pandemic.

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VIRUSEND™ is designed for use by essential personnel to rapidly disinfect all surfaces (fomites) such as desks, door handles, phones, work surfaces, post & packaging, and other high touch point areas where the virus lurks.

Infected fomites allow the virus to spread quickly and easily. VIRUSEND™ kills the Coronavirus invisibly lurking on these surfaces in just 1 minute, reducing this risk of transmission and slowing the spread of the virus.

VIRUSEND™ is “Personal Protection Disinfection Equipment” (PPDE) designed to protect YOU, your family and others from the secondary transmission risk.

Schools, offices, public transport, playgrounds, theatres, pubs, hairdressers and many other businesses and homes will benefit from the unique, certified disinfection qualities of VIRUSEND™.


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VIRUSEND™ is designed to reach complex areas with ease, completely wetting surfaces and ingress points no matter the angle. It’s even safe enough to use on food preparation surfaces, just leave for 1 minute to kill the Coronavirus and simply wipe off with a damp cloth.


Virusend works in any orientation including upside down.

ICONS droplet

Unique Anyway Spray technology removes >99.99% of the product from the dispenser. So long as the liquid is touching any part of the tube inside it works.

ICONS splodge

Just a single squeeze of the trigger delivers a fine, even mist over surfaces without leaving splodges.


Produce a continuous,
high-density fine spray.


Our patented reusable trigger system comes with a lifetime replacement guarantee. Simply fit a new canister to your trigger. The canisters are 100% recyclable, forever.


VIRUSEND™ is certified to kill >99.99% of all bacteria and all enveloped viruses, including Coronavirus, in just one minute.


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Together, in under 12 weeks, we have worked with the British Army and our key partners to develop a system with novel chemistry that kills Coronavirus in just one minute. Combined with our patented spray technology and our patented reusable trigger system, VIRUSEND™ delivers a truly formidable weapon against the virus. VIRUSEND™ is designed to be used by everyone.

Working alongside the British Army allowed us to innovate at pace.  Without the Army and our other amazing partners, VIRUSEND™ would never have made it out of the laboratory.

Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine, responding to a request by the British Army, stepped in to offer their amazing Bio Security Level 3 Laboratory to test VIRUSEND™ against the pandemic Strain of the virus.

We were selected to receive an InnovateUK grant from the British Government’s specialist team who have been funding projects in the fight against the Covid-19 pandemic.

We are proud to support Great British businesses, institutions and the public in the fight back against this pandemic. Together we can get Britain moving again.

We all now have a secret weapon we can trust. Protect yourself, your family and your workspaces with VIRUSEND™



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Many disinfectants on the market make claims to kill viruses but few manage to achieve the internationally recognised British and European Standard BSEN: 16777. Some even claim they kill viruses because they meet BSEN:14776 however in and of itself this test is not a valid test for surface disinfection. Any manufacturer of a surface disinfectant must comply with both BSEN:14776 and BSEN:16777 to make a valid claim against viruses. If they don’t achieve both standards they should not make a claim and you should not use their products!

Companies in the UK have a vicarious liability to protect their staff and customers under the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 legislation.

If products are used that don’t meet the standards it exposes employers to the potential for legal actions and prosecution.


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A note from the CEO

“2020 has seen the rise of a pandemic not witnessed since the Spanish flu of the early 1900’s. This global crisis has created an opportunity for businesses and countries to work together and foster proactive partnerships. I truly believe this is the only way we can successfully tackle this crisis.

The Second wave is upon us.  Regional lockdowns are causing anger and anxiety.  We need more fire power in the battle to defeat this disease and we need products that actually meet the correct standards.

Many antibacterial and antiviral sprays currently on the market make misleading claims. Products which are thought to be effective against coronavirus do not meet the correct British and European standards and could be leaving the public and businesses at risk.

VIRUSEND’s point of difference is that it offers a low risk to health and, combined with maximum lethality, proven efficacy, compliance with the correct standards and the very short contact time, delivers an un-matched level of confidence to the user.

Getting the country moving again after months of lockdown can only happen if we have an environment that is safe. Schools, hospitals and public transport have become hotbeds for transmission and will only get back to normal once people are confident that it’s safe to use these services.

For the past few months Pritchard Spray Technologies has been working on a military grade, sustainable, antiviral spray in partnership with the British Army. The result is a breakthrough technology with a high degree of efficacy which is proven to kill Coronavirus, in just one minute.

We are using our patented Anyway spray technology in the delivery system, the same technology can be found in Deft – our range of cleaning products. Coupled with our new patented reusable trigger system VIRUSEND™ is designed to be 100% recyclable and reusable. The formula can be sprayed on all surfaces and will produce a continuous, high-density spray in any orientation.

We believe that VIRUSEND™ offers a breakthrough in the global battle against Covid-19 and together we will defeat it.”

Michael W. Pritchard, MBE

Chief Executive Officer

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